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My experience with Royal United Mortgage was trying at times but not due to anything they did or were responsible for but rather due to my past mistakes coming home to roost. Patrick B. and Robert C. were superb in their support, Especially Patrick. Many times I wondered would this process ever end or would they finally make a decision and there was Patrick lifting me up and giving me confidence. I definitely could not have withstood the pressure without his support. So with great respect I thank you Patrick and Royal United Mortgage.

—Philip, Rainbow City, Alabama

Brian B was my contact person with Royal United Mortgage. From the first phone call, he was helpful, informative and best of all friendly and seemed to want my business.  He walked us through the entire process pain free.  He kept in touch and kept us informed every step of the way.  His attention and interest was refreshing and appreciated.  Thanks for a good experience.

—Debbie, Katy, Texas

Our experience with Royal United Mortgage was great! Our loan advisor, Patrick B. was A+. Great experience, Thanks so much!

—Terry & Elizabeth, Richlands, Virginia

I just finished doing a refinance on my home. My loan advisor Zach B. was truly a pleasure to work with. We ran into several hurdles that needed taken care of and Zach walked me through each one. Some were issues that I had papers on that were supposed to have been off my report. Thanks to the guidance of Zach we were able to clear things up and get my loan taken care of. Thanks to Zach and Royal United I will soon have the updates to my home that I have wished for. I highly recommend Royal United for refinance needs. My interest rate has been cut in half which will save me LOTS of hard earned money. If you are thinking of refinancing I suggest Royal United.

—Col. Richard, Flatwoods, Kentucky

I found Royal United Mortgage thru Lending Tree.com and am very happy with what they did for me.  I was just looking for a re-fi to take advantage of today’s lower interest rates and they put together 3 options that significantly reduced the amount of money I pay out each month on bills.  Jim G. talked to me and then put together 2 more options - one of which I took - and worked with me to make it happen.  Every person's circumstances are different and Jim G. was always ready with an answer to make this fly.  I was looking for a simple re-fi but Jim G. offered me far more by knocking off a couple of credit cards and a home equity loan and still giving me 11K cash for home improvements.  All that for an extra 5 years of home loan payments that are only $250/month more and knocking off 3 bills The process was simple, fast and painless.  After 2 weeks taken for review of options (my time), the process moved fast - - 16 calendar days from that I was only able to make minimum payments on.  The disposable income increase is incredible - almost $1000/month.   I sleep much better at night knowing my financial health is far better than it was 2 months ago.  I highly recommend Royal United Mortgage and in particular agent Jim G.

—Thomas, Chancellor, Alabama

I have two other mortgage companies I dealt with and Royal United Mortgage was the fastest of them all. Thanks John for your time to get it done. My hat is off to you. I will tell people about you and Royal. Have a good one.

—Bill, Roachdale, Indiana

Congratulations to Mr. Gus M. and the company he represents, he has excellent customer skills, he is very polite and from my point of view; He has a great knowledge on his field as loan officer representative.

—Raul, Crowley, Texas

This refi was hands down the smoothest and easiest refi we have experienced to date. Our loan officer Andrew O. was personable, knowledgeable and on-top of things from the very beginning to the very end.  We would not hesitate to use them again. We will be recommending them to friends and family!

—Jay & Kasia, Austin, Texas

This was a great experience!  I worked with Ben D. and he was so awesome to work with!  This was the best experience I had with a closing! I felt very comfortable with the whole process and everything went very smoothly.  I would recommend Royal United Mortgage to anyone who is looking for any type of home loan.  I was explained everything about the process and all of my questions were answered timely and accurately.  The communication that Ben D. provided to me via phone and e-mail was prompt and courteous and he never once made me feel like my questions or concerns were unimportant or irrelevant.  Thank you to Ben D. and Royal United Mortgage for everything!

—Kristyn, Tampa, Florida

It was a great experience working with Josh A.  He was professional at the same time as being friendly and easy to work with.  He obviously knew his field well and answered all our questions, gave clear instructions, and did all that he said he would do in a timely manner.  He would contact us frequently to give us updates on the process and to tell us what would happen next. We really appreciate his work in helping us with the complicated effort of refinancing two mortgages at the same time.  Thank you, Josh!

—Ken and Carol, Fairhope, Alabama

I can sum up our experience with Royal United Mortgage, professional. Our loan advisor Tim G. was with us from the start to the finish with solutions to our problems. He was always there to answer our many questions and seemed to us to understand and care. Not many lenders have that in their employees! He took the time to get it done and that was what mattered to us. A heartfelt thank you Tim!

—Kevin & Ann, Frazier Park, California

Ryan at Royal United Mortgage was always courteous and exceptional in his clarifications and personal follow ups.  You again have hired an outstanding employee in Ryan.

—Richard, Village Mills, Texas

This was my first refinance experience. Patrick C., my loan advisor worked with me every step of the way. I was quite surprised and pleased with the seemingly easy and smooth way this was handled. Patrick was a pleasure to work with and he answered all my questions as we went along. I would say I've been quite satisfied with Royal United and their staff.

—Ray, Sacremento, California

Josh A. was my loan advisor.  I had tried to refinance last July and the house didn't appraise out - so didn't continue with the process. Then, in April, I received a call from Josh that a different program had become available.  For Josh to have remembered me was very remarkable.  He and I worked together, got the paperwork done over the phone and fax and I am closing in my hometown tonight.  It was a very seamless process.

—Susan, Brookfield, Missouri

The minute I heard Travis F’s voice over the phone I knew he was the person I wanted to help me get a reverse mortgage, and I was never disappointed. He was polite, supportive, and knowledgeable. The experience was much easier than I had thought it would be, and is wonderful now that the loan has come through, and I no longer have to worry about money.

—Gail, Houston, Texas

My experience with Royal United was easy and hassle free. Eric W. was personable, knowledgeable, and very patient with all of my questions. He made the time to explain the process every step of the way. I got an awesome rate and closed on the loan very quickly. Thanks, Eric, for all your help.

—Debbie, Valley, Alabama

As far as refinancing goes this has been by far the easiest and most painless transaction I have ever had. Chris Davis. he was always on top of the entire process and was easily available to answer any questions I had. Kudos to whomever is behind the scenes they did a great job. Thanks

—John and Jackie, Lecanto, Florida

The process to obtain a loan with Royal United Mortgage was very fast and easy, we requested the information through Lending Tree and in a matter of less than ten minutes a very professional loan advisor, Alex W. contacted me and walked us all the way until we received the loan. Alex W. just made the procedure very simple and accurate. Alex W. was patient, knowledgeable, helpful throughout the process, and available 24 hours and seven days a week for any question or information that we needed. We consider Alex W. a great asset for Royal United Mortgage. We had a great experience with Royal United Mortgage very responsive, great customer service. Alex W. from Royal United Mortgage was great to work with, and was absolutely fantastic. Awesome rate too. If you looking to refinance a loan Royal United Mortgage should your fist stop. We highly recommend Royal United Mortgage, what a great guy to work with thank you Alex W. Job well done. We give five stars for everything, this was a wonderful experience from the beginning to the end. Alex W. and Royal United Mortgage, thank you !!! We couldn’t be happier with the service we received on the loan that is saving us so much money. We are completely satisfied with our loan experience. We would amply recommend Alex W. and Royal United Mortgage to family and friends.

—Segundo and Theresa, Hialeah, Florida

I got a loan thru Eric W.  He was always ready to help and a joy to talk with.

—Ruth, Neosho, Missouri

My compliments to Nicole B. and Royal United Mortgage. I applied for a reverse mortgage loan. with the help from Nicole Blane I finally got it approved. When I first started I really had my doubts about it but Nicole reassured me that she would help us out. She told me that there were some things that I had to do on my behalf so I got to doing things and when I finally got them done it was over. about a month and a half we have our loan. I would like to compliment all the staff at Royal United Mortgage and Nicole. Thanks a lot and God bless all of you.

—Orval, El Paso, Texas

We decided that at this time a refi of our home loan was not needed.     In dealing with Robert K. our loan manager at Royal United it was refreshing and informative. No high pressure and great service.  And should we decide to need help in obtaining a refi down the road we would not hesitate to contact Rob in the future.

—Mark and Dawn, Poland, Ohio

I would really like to thank Justin M. for helping me refinance my mortgage.  He saved me over 4%, and got me the extra money to put in a central heat and air unit.  It was so easy, and Justin was so professional. He called daily and kept me up to date on how the loan was processing. I feel like I have a new friend, and I have even passed on his name to someone else who is trying to refinance.  On top of getting a lower interest rate, he dropped my mortgage from 15 years to 9 years and included my insurance and taxes, which makes it easier for me.  So now all I have is my house payment, utilities, car insurance and motorcycle insurance.  He really saved me from the struggle of trying to meet my bills monthly, and I am adding to the value of my house with the central heat and air unit, which they are putting in next week.  I really need that living in Alabama. Thank you Justin for being a life saver.

—Laurie, Tuscumbia, Alabama

We were in a financial situation where we felt there was no way out. As a lark and with great skepticism I checked out Lending Tree. I really didn’t think anyone would respond for at least a week. I was thoroughly surprised that within minutes of filing my inquiry, my phone was ringing. It was Tim M. from Royal United Mortgage. After an inquiry into our needs and a few qualifying questions, Tim recommended that we take out a mortgage on our home. Tim was professional and extremely helpful. He worked with us to make sure all the required documentation was presented properly.  There were even times when he offered to make the necessary calls to get the paperwork for us. The Royal United Team was awesome. I must admit I was skeptical when Tim said we could close the deal within two weeks but he delivered and he was there every step of the way. I can only describe our experience as professional, efficient and definitely a pleasurable experience working with people who know what they are doing for a living. I would recommend Tim M. and the Royal United Team to anyone who needed a loan. Thanks Tim for all your help!

—Tina and John, St. Cloud, Florida

Royal United Mortgage and Brian B. were very nice and helpful, thanks to all of you for making this easy and stress free. I now have the money I needed to build my retirement home. Again Thank-you very much Brian B.

—Linda, Hollywood, Florida


Many thanks to Andrew O. for his help with my Home Equity loan. He helped me to understand the numbers and was always available for my questions by email or phone. He walked me through everything I could expect and was a pleasure to work with. I got a great rate too! I really recommend working with Andrew O. and Royal United Mortgage. It was a quick and easy process, particularly for someone who has an English degree (math-challenged!). Andrew's personal service (and his sense of humor) made this a great experience.

—Jamie, Katy, Texas

Our experience with Royal United Mortgage particularly Justin R. was very rewarding. He helped find a vehicle which would accommodate our financial situation, helped us through every step of the process and answered all of our questions. Very professional and knowledgeable and will recommend him to others. Thanks again for your help.

—Wayne and Marlene, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Applying for a loan for any mortgage requires patience. Royal United Mortgage and Eric W. can make it happen quickly. I have never had a loan completed at this pace, ever! My loan took a total of 3 weeks! From a business and personal standpoint this company has trained their employees to handle every situation with superb excellence. I enjoyed working with Eric W. and I will definitely use him again as well as recommend him to anybody. Every promise made is a promise kept. All documents were delivered on time, every appointment was met as scheduled, percentage met, and dollar amount was exactly as estimated. Eric has tons of patience and answered every question (probably way too many) and followed us through the entire process with updates. People usually assume that using a mortgage company online is not personal and fear there are hidden or underlying fees. This company is legit and the customer service you receive is excellent. We could not be happier with the transaction and definitely will use Eric again in the near future.

—Jimmy & Courtney, Anniston, Alabama

My re-fi loan experience with Royal United Mortgage(RUM) has been the best! I worked with Ben D. and he was more than knowledgeable about the entire process from start to finish. The process started on March 30th and I closed on April 24th a little shy of a month, and this came as a birthday gift to me.  It’s a little scary doing on-line business with mortgage companies, which wasn’t my first choice, so I researched “RUM”and read their website and went to the Better Business Bureau to see their score and was pleased with the information I found out there to satisfy my nerves. Ben D. was very helpful and kept me updated regarding every piece of document needed to close. I couldn’t believe it when he helped me clear up a credit issue heightened my credit score and got me a low, low rate during the time housing is suppose to be trouble.  Now I can fulfill my goal in paying my home off in 7 yrs with a 15 yr mortgage ~ all thanks to Ben D. and “RUM”.

—Carolyn, Nashville, Tennessee

I worked with Eric W.  He was very pleasant and helpful.

—Ruth, Neosho, Missouri

We were not experienced with the type loan we needed (a re-fi with cash out). After requesting information about lenders through Lending Tree, we picked Royal United Mortgage to assist us for the following reason: Reviews consistently rated Royal highly in terms of efficacy, speed, and professionalism. Our Loan Advisor, Mr. Tim M., along with the rest of the team who worked to complete our loan, lived up to every one of our expectations after reading reviews. Tim explained every question we had in terms we could understand. He was always available, clear, and courteous. Our loan was funded within two weeks! We would, without hesitation, recommend Mr. M. and Royal United Mortgage.

—Laurie and Steven, Fort Worth, Texas

"In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct thy path" I was contemplating refinancing the mortgage on my home.  Having been turned down before, I was very reluctant to try again. Just on a whim I Googled refinancing and clicked on the Lending Tree site, filled out the information and the calls began to come in.  The very first caller was Justin R.  From day one, he was very positive and I was very skeptical, he assured me he would do the very best of his ability to get my request approved. From our conversations, I believed him to be a Christian. I began to feel comfortable dealing with him as he informed me of every step and explained very thoroughly each procedure.  Justin was very patient, professional and efficient.  I thank God for him, he made a believer out of me in that there is always a chance and hope. I would without hesitation recommend Royal United Mortgage and Mr. Justin R. to anyone who may want to refinance or any kind of loan, especially if you have been denied in the past.

—Barbara, Douglasville, Georgia

Tim M. was the friendliest in the business that we have ever dealt with!  What a great help.

—Shelley, Commerce, Texas

I was very impressed on how quickly they contacted me on my initial inquiry. After the initial contact, I was passed over to Londra, who worked with me the whole time.  She helped me overcome the little bumps that would come up during the process.  I am so impressed that I am going to contact them for financing when we build our vacation house this fall. Thanks to everyone involved.

—William, Dunnellon, Florida

Matt M. got my refinance done quickly. Good job. Thanks

—Randel, Marysville, Ohio

Working with Patrick B. was a great experience. He was professional and very knowledgeable with the process which made it so easy for me. He is a great asset to Royal United Mortgage.

—Martina, Wimberly, Texas

We were extremely pleased with Paul O. at Royal United. We were searching for the best type of loan to fit our needs and after filling out the online form Paul contacted us within minutes! Paul O. gave us honest and accurate information at every step in the process. Not only was he knowledgeable and proficient, he was patient, kind and personable. He knew we had a time constraint because of my husband's employment travel obligations and he was diligent in moving things along to ensure we closed when promised.  Rarely would one say a loan process was an enjoyable experience, yet Paul O. left us with that feeling! We were grateful to have Paul on our side and glad to have the opportunity to work with him. We would recommend Paul O. at Royal United Mortgage to anyone needing assistance with finding the right type of mortgage loan to fit their needs.

—Michele, Edinburg, Texas

Thank you United Royal for getting my refi done quickly and without any hassle to me. Patrick B called from the start and handled this to the end, everything went smooth, got me a great interest rate and saved me thousands.

—Ron, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky

I was very happy with Ben D and the way he kept me informed throughout the entire loan process. Ben was always on top of any issues that popped up. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

—Randy, Bolivar, Missouri

I have been through a refinance before but not with such interested, concerned, and personable individuals as I have with Patrick C. at Royal United Mortgage.  By far, his professionalism and care that he put into helping me during this refinance is nothing less than stellar!  He has continued to remain supportive and optimistic during the times when I was struggling whether I should simply give up due to various levels of documentation that were needed.  I am truly thankful to God, not only for Royal United Mortgage; but also that I was provided with such an amazing loan advisor throughout this process.  Seldom does one get the pleasure, as I have, to experience customer support and satisfaction in today's society.  Thank you, Patrick and Royal United!  Highly recommended!

—Daniel, Wichita Falls, Texas

This is the third time that I have worked with someone regarding a Mortgage.  When I posted my request online, Jeff G. of Royal United Mortgage promptly got in touch with me.  After we exchanged introductions, as well as my needs, Jeff explained what my options would be.  He gave me the time I needed with my wife to discuss and weigh our options. Jeff started the process, guiding us through the paperwork--professionally with no surprises.  He kept us apprised of everything through emails, and phone conversations. In all my years, and I am 81 years old, Jeff has been the most professional and caring person to deal with.  This included dealing with Banks, Real Estate, and other Mortgage companies.  I am hoping to continue to seek Jeff's advice and regard him as a family member.  I would highly recommend Jeff G. to anyone in need of a Mortgage loan.

—, ,

Here's the myth: The loan process has to be complicated, agonizing and intimidating. Luke W. buries that myth! Every aspect of the loan process was just as Luke said it would be. No surprises or back-peddling... just accurate honest information. Most importantly, when speaking with Luke, there was no tension; he was just an easy guy to talk to. And he got me a great rate! Thank you for all your help.

—Joe, Warrior Run, Pennsylvania

We just refinanced our home with Royal United Mortgage and Ryan P. was our loan officer...what an awesome person.  Very helpful, knowledgeable and personable.  He had the answer to all our questions and always returned calls promptly.  It was a very fast process, we closed within 3-4 weeks.  He even called the closing agent the day we closed to give them his number if there were any questions or problems.  So impressive!!  We have given some

—Ross & Linda, Mount Pleasant, Texas

I got a refinance loan through Royal United with the help of Eric W.  I had a low credit score, however, through buying points I was able to get a low rate. The experience was smooth. As many others, I was skeptical at first doing everything via telephone and internet but Eric was very helpful and explained the different steps throughout the way. Some of the numbers do fluctuate a little, but considering everything at the beginning are estimates, and with an open mind, the numbers at the end were satisfying. I would recommend R.U.M. to anyone needing a refinance or mortgage loan.

—Fidel, Houston, Texas

I enjoyed working with Matt M. during the entire process of refinancing our home.  He reduced the stress involved, was quick to answer concerns and kept us informed during each step of the process.  It was much easier than I ever dreamed.

—Lisa, Burleson, Texas

When I recently tried to refinance with my mortgage company of 8 years, they made many promises. 2 months later they told me they could only lend me 50% of my home’s value and I would need to bring $8000 to closing. Another month later, they just denied it. Jim G. got me almost 95% and we closed in about 3 weeks. Awesome rate too. Hurray, I get to keep my house. Thank you so much Jim and all the people at Royal United Mortgage for making it happen!

—Tom, Land O Lakes, Florida

We are thankful to have had Andrew O. helping us with refinancing our mortgage.  He was very efficient and knowledgeable.  He kept his word and helped us each step of the way.  Today, we are giving his name to a friend who wants to refinance.

—Les, Kerrville, Texas

I worked with Paul O. on refinancing a home for my employer's mother.  It was a pleasure to work with Mr. O. who was very knowledgeable and helpful with any questions we had.  I would certainly recommend Mr. O. and his company to anyone interested in refinancing.

—Linda, Daleville, Alabama

My compliments to Mr. Jeremy C. His effort will help me to achieve home ownership sooner and at a more reasonable cost. The process was a bit longer than either one of us cared for only because Jeremy made the effort to make the best offer possible, however as a Veteran under the auspice of a VA loan we found out together that limitations existed. Rather than throw his hands up he made a second effort to make another offer and after much wrangling, some exhausting nail biting, and taut nerves it finally happened. The papers are signed, the sun is shining, the scooter is ready, the bones are on less ache mode, so I think I will let the wind meet a smile and a hopeful heart. Thanks again for your hard work; Your Desert Rat Friend, Mark G.

—Mark, Odessa, Texas

WE would like to give a big shout out to Patrick B. with Royal United Mortgage. We received an immediate phone call from Patrick about our loan and he worked hard to make sure everything worked out for our best interest. He was super fun to talk with and made a very stressful time a lot easier for us both!! Also a special shout out to Sam F. our processor for punching those numbers and making them work!! Thank you very much to you both.

—Dennis & Lori, Grapeland, Texas

The process to obtain a loan with Royal United Mortgage was very fast and easy, I just requested the information through Lending Tree and in just a matter of less than five minutes a very professional Loan Advisor, Mr. Luke W. contacted me and walked me all the way until I received the loan, He just made the procedure very simple and accurate.  This professional Loan Advisor, Mr. Luke W. was available 24 hours and seven days a week for any question or information that I needed, He was always enthusiastic and helpful. I consider Mr. Luke W. a Great Asset for Royal United Mortgage and I am completely satisfied with my loan experience. I would amply recommend Mr. Luke W. and Royal United Mortgage. Thank you Luke and Royal United Mortgage!

—Hector, The Woodlands, Texas

I filled in a form online and within seconds Andrew O. called. At first I was concerned, never dealing with an online mortgage. While we chatted I researched Royal United and found wonderful testimonials and an excellent rating from the BBB. We are so  pleased we found them. 100 percent satisfaction, with Royal, Andrew and all who worked on our mortgage.  We went from two mortgages with 6 and 7 percent to less than 4%. And the respectfulness, the open, honest communication, the willingness to make sure we understood everything about the loan and process. There never was a time we felt like we were in the dark. The team made sure everything was correct. I think the best of it all was the ability to reach Andrew anytime I called or if I did get voice mail it was minutes before he was calling me back. I would recommend Royal United, Andrew O. and the team to any of my family & friends. It is this kind of customer service every business should build on. And the closing agent that came to our home, represented them just as wonderfully....

—Larry and Ann, Sellersburg, Indiana

Like many others, I had not heard of Royal United Mortgage until I got a call from Melissa. This was within one minute of pushing "send" on my Lending Tree request! That quick response and level of customer service never waned during the time it took to get our refi together. Melissa sent me several documents and links so that I could verify Royal United's credentials. They were very impressive. Melissa lived up to every one of their high standards. Our loan went smoothly, there were no big surprises and we received a great rate. We couldn't be happier with the service we received or the loan that is saving us SO much money!

—Jana, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We are thankful to have had Andrew O. helping us with refinancing our mortgage.  He was very efficient and knowledgeable.  He kept his word and helped us each step of the way.  Today, we are giving his name to a friend who wants to refinance.

—Les & Linda, Kerrville, Texas

This was a very quick and easy loan. Rob K. was wonderful to work with. He was very upfront with what was needed, options that we had available, and faithful to follow-up on the process in a courteous manner. There was no pushy attitude at any time. All of the decisions and options were ours to make or refuse. My husband and I would highly recommend Rob K. and Royal United Mortgage to anyone.

—Sherri, Tuscumbia, Alabama

I was extremely satisfied with Matt M. at Royal United Mortgage.  He  was very helpful and patient with all my changes and questions.  He explained everything so I could understand and explore all my options.  Mine was a refinance and he helped me find the best rate and terms available.  I would not hesitate to recommend Matt to anyone needing financing.

—Brenda, Granbury, Texas

The refinancing went smoothly and was quite fast.  I started with Patrick B. and there were others on the team that kept things going when Patrick was unavailable.  They were Shannon P., Jenna K., and Robert C.  This was definitely a team effort and completed in a most efficient and expedient manner.  We concluded the loan with Patrick.  I thank you so much for your help and look forward to recommending The Lending Tree (Royal United Mortgage) to anyone that needs assistance.

—Gil, Lowell, Indiana

Thank you Greg G and Royal United, you were very friendly, easy to talk with, answered all my questions and helped come up with the best solution for our financial situation. The reverse mortgage ended up being the best 'fit' for me and your knowledge helped me make a good decision. You & Nicole B put everything into fast forward and it all worked out beautifully.. Thanks so much!

—Marilyn, Ceres, California

Working with Eric W. was a pleasant experience!  He was very knowledgeable and efficient in processing our request for a refinancing mortgage loan.  Any question that we had he was able to answer and if not he was able to get an answer for us quickly. We closed much sooner than we expected and the entire process felt very simple and easy with Eric's walk through along the way.  Thanks Eric!

—Jorge & Patricia, Decatur, Alabama

I am writing to let everyone know that Robert K. is a great asset to Royal United Mortgage. Just when I thought the refinance on my home had hit a wall because of a jump in my APR from the underwriters. Robert K. saved the day by redirecting our efforts toward a different loan that not only saved me money but put extra money in my pocket at close. I want to thank Robert K. for working so hard to make my refinance meet my needs. I will be telling my friends and family about Royal United Mortgage and Robert K.

—James, Mount Olive, Alabama

We worked with Tyler G. on our refinance loan.  Tyler was very professional yet very personable.  The whole process was three weeks and we were kept informed of each step in the process and he was always readily available to answer any questions or concerns we had.  We would highly recommend Tyler and Royal United Mortgage to anyone needing financing on a new home or refinance.

—Judy, Deer Park, Texas

Ben D. was a very sincere and down to earth loan advisor that made this simple and easy. He was very informative and very knowledgeable about the business we conducted. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with their refinance affairs.

—Eddie & Mary, Jacksonville, Florida

You have two outstanding workers in your possession and words alone cannot express their work ethic and dedication to not only you and your company but to their customers as well. Mr. Patricio D. on the loan side is the best of the best and Terie B. on the Reverse Mortgage side is not afraid to push the envelope to make things happen but her follow up and honesty is unsurpassed. Thank you for allowing us to have both of these outstanding people as part of our processes.

—Gene, Merritt Island, Florida

Working with Patrick B. was great!  He was super pleasant, knowledgeable and efficient in processing our request for a refinancing mortgage loan.  We were very pleased to close much sooner than we expected and are totally happy with the entire process.  Thank you Patrick!

—Richard & Joan, Spring Hill, Florida

I would like to thank Luke W. for all his help in refinancing my home. He was very patient with me and helped me with every aspect of the loan. It was a great experience and I would recommend Royal United Mortgage and Luke W. to everyone in need of a home loan. Thanks again Luke for all your help.

—Patricia, Dry Ridge, Kentucky

Where do I begin? I had a low credit score due to a bankruptcy I filed after my husband died. Despite the fact that I owned my home out right, good income & not much debt, I was having problems getting an equity loan. I wanted to do some remodeling, pay off a high interest vehicle loan & consolidate my debts. I had just got off the phone with another company that turned me down for not wanting to borrow more than I needed & another that turned me down. I received a call from Tim G. just when I was going to give up on anyone helping me through my financial situation. Tim told me that he could help me consolidate and eliminate my existing debts. We ran into a few walls along the way, but he never let me give up and believed that Royal United Mortgage would find a way to help me.  I got my loan, paid off my debts, remodeled my bathrooms & other areas in my house, bought a much needed car & I was able to start my savings again. I have so much relief thanks to Tim's determination and patience with me when I thought all was lost even through the process. Thank you Tim for working to give me peace of mind with financial relief & being patient with me during my moments of doubt. Royal United Mortgage, thank you for the second chance.

—Sylvia, Fairfield, California

We have done business (or have tried to do business) with many lenders but Royal United Mortgage is the best by far. I received a call from Alex W. immediately after submitting my inquiry on Lending Tree. He went to work for us, returned calls, kept me informed of every step of the process, encouraged me and was very professional but like a best friend. I have been telling everyone about Royal United Mortgage (and Lending Tree).

—Debbie, Independence, Missouri

I was totally and truly satisfied with my experience on my home refinance loan.  Ashley G. was a very sincere and down to earth loan advisor that made this simple and easy.  She continually followed up with me and got my loan completed in a very short time.  Even after the loan documents were completed, I have heard from her at least 2 times to make sure that everything transitioned smoothly.  I would recommend your company and already have to a few of my friends that are considering refinancing their homes.  Thank you!  It’s nice to know that are still a few good people around to help with our financial needs.

—Karen, Pikeville, Kentucky

Alex W. was exceptional, he was able to expedite my loan in a timely manner even though I was a business owner. His professional approach would have me suggest his services to all I know needing financed.

—John, Indianapolis, Indiana

We worked with Carlos V. on a refinance loan.  Carlos was very knowledgeable and professional.  It was an easy and pleasant experience.    Thank you!!!

—Sheila, Cat Spring, Texas

Working with Brian B. and the Royal United Mortgage Company to refinance my home proceeded from start to finish without a hitch. The communication was super every step of the way. Did I mention perfect? Well let me re-phrase that: It was PERFECT! I will recommend Royal United Mortgage to my friends and relatives. Thanks Brian.

—Scott, Victoria, Texas

It was a pleasure working with Royal United Mortgage!  Varun S. was very knowledgeable and easy to work with; he was in frequent contact with me helping me through the entire process.  I have bought and refinanced homes in the past, but, this was by far the easiest and totally non-stressful experience I have ever had. The entire process is devoted to customer ease and satisfaction.  The entire process took less than 4 weeks to complete.  I am very appreciative for all of the time Varun spent with me on the phone answering all of my questions.  When I filled out the initial inquiry all I was looking for were the current interest rates and came away with a refinance 1% lower than my current rate.  Thanks again.

—Janice, Bloomington, Indiana

Mark B. was great to bounce off ideas regarding my mortgage refinance.  He helped clarify my goals and made it easy to come up with the best solution.  I have no problem recommending Mark to others.

—Walter, Chula Vista, California

Eric W. was very good to work with. Everything was quick and precise. All questions were answered quickly. I would recommend Royal United Mortgage and Eric to anyone needing any type of home financing. Thank you Eric and best wishes.

—Jay, Jacksonville, Florida

Rob K. was one of the most professional and one of the most "wanting to help you" people I have had the pleasure of working with in a long time!! He was very informative and very knowledgeable about the business we conducted. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with their financial affairs.  Thank you, Rob!!

—Rita, Sealy, Texas

Richard S. was very helpful to us. Even though we had computer and faxing problems, he was very patient with us. He kept us up to date and explained quite well all the steps for our refinancing. We would recommend him and Royal United to any of our friends.

—Kurrt, Dayton, Pennsylvania

My experience with Ross E. was excellent, while refinancing my home.  Ross was with me every step of the way and made the process a painless one.  I would definitely refer my family and friends to Ross.  He helped when nobody else would.

—Rodney, Nixa, Missouri

To tell everyone how incredible Royal and our Advisor Alex W. was through this loan process I'd have to go back over 5 years and explain what lead me to Royal. We were content with our mortgage company before the loan was bought by large mortgage company and then this is when our problems began. This mortgage company had the worst customer service, I could never speak with a manager or supervisor and they would not work with us when I was laid off my job-twice. And among other issues, they were a huge stress in our lives. We attempted to refinance with other mortgage companies but it seemed no one wanted to work for us or return phone calls etc. Then I ran across Royal as I was researching on the internet and their outstanding reviews; that was a huge deal-breaker for us. Alex called me immediately when I submitted my info and assured me he and his company could and would work with us to make our refinancing dreams come true. He kept me informed in every step of the loan process, a real professional but like a best friend, encouraged me that there would be a good outcome, explained the procedures, became our advocate to his supervisors and we closed in 18 days.  I have told everyone about Alex and Royal United Mortgage!!!

—Debbie, Independence, Missouri

Ross E. was very patient and helpful throughout this process.  I have never seen a faster closing.

—Pat, Spring, Texas

I appreciate your employee Chris D. He was a great service to me. He was precise and punctual in his correspondence to me. Give him a raise!

—Neal, Fort Worth, Texas

We want to thank Chris S. for his help with refinancing our home. He was precise on explaining the procedure. The whole process from start to finish was completed in 3 weeks and everything happened exactly as Chris said it would. The process was easy and done very professionally. I would highly recommend Royal United to family and friends for their fast and friendly refinancing. Thanks again for an excellent job.

—Kathy and Steve, Saginaw, Texas

Working with Chris D. with my home refinance was an enjoyable experience. Chris walked me thru each step and made me feel as if I were his only client throughout the whole process. He was very professional and answered every question quickly and in a way I could understand. I would recommend Chris and Royal United Mortgage for any home mortgage needs. Thanks Chris for helping me with my home refinancing.

—Tim, Ft. Valley, Georgia

Wow! What a great learning experience! Robin S. was the best for customer service we've dealt with in years!!! Our past history of being "customer service reps", Robin is an effectual listener, a definite asset for Royal United Mortgage, 5 Stars***** She took time to explain the various types of mortgages to us without trying to steer us to one directly. She talks "to you" and "not at you!" Robin didn't hesitate in answering all of our questions about reverse mortgage. Robin's overall courteous attitude and meticulous care gave us the confidence to expedite our closing and the reassurance that our paperwork was submitted properly. Robin, continue to be blessed!! Royal United Mortgage may you continue to be a blessing!!! Company Rating: Start to finish,5*****.

—Harold and Marilyn, Stafford, Texas

Eva was a pleasure to deal with.  Refinancing can be confusing, but she always had the right answers.  It’s a win win process. Easy and very little time needed, Eva from Royal United Mortgage did all the work, we just showed up and signed the documents and continued on with daily life.  If we ever decided to do another refinance, Eva will be the first person I contact.  Great Experience!  

—Christopher, Killeen, Texas

To Jim G. - I certainly will send any business your way if friends or family are planning to refinance. You were very good to work with, very responsive, explained everything very well, and the transaction closed quickly.  In the beginning I was a little nervous giving private info to someone on "the internet".  My only advice would be to somehow let people know right off that Royal is a reputable company, nothing to worry about, etc.  I did a little research on Royal United Mortgage to resolve my own fears and learned it's a good company to work for and to do business with.  It's a real asset to Indianapolis.  I'm very happy doing business with Jim G. and Royal United Mortgage and wish you all luck and fortune in the future!

—Dale, The Woodlands, Texas

I wanted to thank this company, Royal United Mortgage for being so professional. Like everyone else, I submitted for a lower interest rate and Mr. Varun S. was the first to call. I turned him down the first time because I wanted someone locally, he did not fight me instead he thanked me for my time basically. I asked some questions about his company and realized this is what I wanted: someone who finally thinks about the customers emotions, time and their needs. I'm in the military with 18 years and have no time, since we are that busy, Mr Varun S., was very polite and considerate about meeting me on my times. I must have questioned everything he sent me, and he explained what I was signing. The man was very professional, and not once did he had a negative attitude. When I called he answered the phone quickly, and when he was not in office he returned my call immediately. Thanks Varun for everything you've done for me, my family, and for being so patient with all my questions. I have recommended this company to all my friends in the military, I guaranteed them they would be in good hands.

—SSGT Mario, Copperas Cove, Texas

I don't think Royal United could have done a better job.  They made the process smooth and easy.  Patrick B. was so helpful, friendly, and got things finished for me. .I didn't get this service from the first Company I looked at.  I would recommend Royal United and Patrick B. to everyone.  Thanks so much for all the help!!!!

—Ashley, Emerson, Kentucky

Brad R. was very helpful and I enjoyed working with him. We were able to accomplish everything that I wanted in a timely manner. He walked me through the whole process and was a pleasure to work with. It took only twelve days to finish my refinancing. I would like to thank Brad again for all the help he gave me. I would recommend Royal United Mortgage to anyone who wants to refinance.

—Hadley, Minneola, Florida

Robert A. offered supportive expertise and genuine professionalism streamlining the refinance process in to a painless opportunity.  Thank you for your excellent service!

—Donnalyn, Dripping Springs, Texas

I recently acquired a mortgage with Royal United Mortgage and the customer service provided by Robert C. was second to none.  He treated me with the utmost professionalism and ALWAYS presented an attitude of courtesy, concern and patience. Robert gave me a target closing date and delivered as he promised well ahead of schedule.  I am very pleased with my interest rate and the service provided, but most of all I was extremely impressed with the professionalism shown me by Robert even when I questioned every little detail over and over.  He was never impatient or rude; always ready to walk me through the process.  Thanks Royal United Mortgage and keep up the good work. Customer service is not dead in America today!

—Robert, Folkston, Georgia

Jeff G. called us when we put in a request for information about a reverse mortgage.  He was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful from the very first call.  He made us feel as though we were the only client he had to work with that day so you never felt rushed.  He answered all the questions we had, kept us constantly informed and the process was so fast we were so surprised it was so easy.  We were amazed how quickly we got to the closing.  He definitely is an asset to your organization and he is very comfortable to work with.  We are extremely grateful for the service offered by Royal United Mortgage and for people like Jeff.

—Gary & Nancee, North Canton, Ohio

Matt M. did a wonderful job working with us.  We were actually going with a different company until we talked to Matt.  He was friendly, courteous and educated us in the process.  We will definitely refer friends and family!

—Edward and Marcia, The Woodlands, Texas

I recently completed a refinance of my home.  I am very pleased with the prompt and professional services of Royal United Mortgage. I worked with a fellow named Jordan J. and I found him to be on top of things at all times.  It was a pleasant experience and I am pleased with the money savings that I got by refinancing.  I would recommend this to others.

—Terry, Coshocton, Ohio

This was an excellent experience accomplished with some very professional and pleasurable people - Kevin B. and Mary O. We were treated with patience and in a "family-friendly" manner which made the extended process all the more enjoyable.  Our options and numerous details were thoroughly explained and enumerated to avoid delays and potential submission errors.  All-in-all, our uncertainty and tribulations were always addressed and made understandable, allaying our concerns and fears.  The "handholding" done here was outstanding and assuring from beginning to end.

—David, Virginia Beach, Virginia

My name is Donna. My experience with Geoff S. on refinancing my house has been excellent!! At first I was skeptical about working with someone from another state. But Geoff was very good with explaining every detail of the process. And he was very patient with me. I feel like I know him now and that makes me feel good about the whole process. Thank You Geoff for everything you did for me!(even though I had to paint my garage) lol. I will recommend Geoff to anyone I know that is thinking about refinancing! Thanks again to everyone at Royal United Mortgage!

—Donna, Amarillo, Texas

I was curious to see how the lower interest rates would affect my mortgage payment, so I submitted an interest email.  Austin S. from Royal United Mortgage was the first one to respond to my inquiry.  He was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and kept me apprised of EVERYTHING that was going on.  It was an easy, painless process and I'm now saving money monthly, plus I've knocked years off of my mortgage!

—Cheryl, Lacey, Washington

Royal United Mortgage was there every step of the way Luke W. was a great person to work with. From the first call to the last call he was there every step of the way. He was a great pleasure to work with and explained everything about our loan. I would highly recommend Royal United Mortgage to anyone they stand behind their name and I will always be a loyal customer.

—Nixon and Kathy, Barbourville, Kentucky

This was the BEST experience I've had with a company in years. Patrick was the best. He kept me informed every step of the way and took care of everything for me. He made the process so seamless for me  it was like I just got to sit back and relax while he did all the hard work. Patrick was honest and very Patient with me. I will tell everyone about the great experience I had with Royal United. Thank again Patrick!!!!!!!! You were wonderful.

—Natalie, Norfolk, Virginia

I would like to thank Jamie B. for a great job she did with me in my refinancing. I ran into a problem I had with the loan and she quickly found a solution to it that might have prevented me from getting it. She is very professional and helpful and I thank her for that. Jamie B. you will always have a friend in me, and I thank you very much for all you did!

—Roger, Red Lion, Pennsylvania

Rob K from Royal United Mortgage called me less than 5 Min after I completed the on-line inquiry from Lending Tree. Rob was enthusiastic, professional and seemed to know his business. The loan was quite simple since we were not taking any cash out, our credit excellent and loan to value was way low. We weren’t making a huge mortgage so the application and approval process was simple, fast and straightforward. Rob did an excellent job of communicating with me throughout the process.  I would like to say the process was fast and painless. It was an incredibly fast process but the underwriters caused me a bit of pain, and as Rob was quick to point out it is due to new government mortgage regulations.  I would recommend Rob and his Royal United Mortgage team

—Ross, Montgomery, Alabama

Geoff is one of a kind.  This client of Royal United Mortgage is quite pleased to work with Geoff S.  Royal United Mortgage should be overjoyed to have staff personnel such as Mr. S.  There was certainly a lot of paperwork, but Mr. S. is more than qualified in assisting this client to ease through each phase of the paper process.  After the process is signed, then Mr. S. certainly has more than the capability to place, complete and see that all prerequisites are met and all parties involved are satisfied.  Afterwards, Mr. S. more than meets all prerequisites for ensuring that Royal United Mortgage is well represented.  His demeanor is always present and it is the opinion of this client that Royal United Mortgage should be overly proud of having his expertise available at all times.  This client is receiving a Doctorate of Education PhD high-lighted in Organization and Leadership. Having studied Organization since 1960, this client is notably assertive of what is written herein regarding Mr. Geoff S.  On a scale of one to ten, with ten being that of an achiever, Mr. S more than qualifies at TEN.  He is the best of the best.  Mr. S. is moving forward and will soon be in full control of all aspects of his efforts in Banking and Mortgage Finance.

—Chief Warrant Officer Bobby, Garden Grove, California

Curt R. was so wonderful through the whole process I cannot thank him enough. His customer service is something you don't see anymore. He walked me through every step and really saved my life!! Now my payments are affordable due to lower interest rates and my credit cards are paid off. He's the best and I would recommend him every time.

—Kathleen, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

I would like to commend Adam P. at Royal United Mortgage for a job well done. My recent refinancing went so smoothly and painlessly thanks to Mr. P. His knowledge and sincerity in achieving the best result for me is very much appreciated. I have been in the same home for 28 years and have refinanced several times during those years, but this is the first time I felt like I had a friend on my side. Without the help and guidance from Mr. P. from beginning to end, it would not have been so successful and beneficial for me. He explained everything in detail and very patiently kept up with the progress throughout. He did an awesome job; I will recommend him any time.

—Kirsten, Humble, Texas

The refinance experience with Carlos V. was so much smoother than I anticipated.  He was extremely helpful even when I had a ton of questions.  I have and will continue to refer him as a refinance loan advisor.  Thanks Carlos!!

—Lisa, Houston, Texas

Etienne was  very helpful explaining and making sure everything we needed to complete our refinancing was taken care of. Thank you Etienne.

—Danald & Linda, Rome, Georgia

As previously stated, I will highly recommend Royal United Mortgage to whoever is looking for the best. Most importantly is that they should contact Mr. Tim G. He worked with us in a very professional manner, but also with the attitude of sincere desire to help thru the process to obtain our goal. We will always be grateful to him and cannot express enough. Thanks for the privilege of dealing with Mr. G.

—Adolph & Minerva, San Antonio, Texas

We are so very grateful that we were referred to Royal United and Adam P.  Adam was so easy to work with, professional and patient. He was with us every step of the way answering questions and making everything run as smoothly as possible. We did run into a few kinks but Adam handled them with patience, professionalism and humor! If ever we need to refinance in the future it will be with Royal United if only to work with Adam again.

—Debi, New Braunfels, Texas

Rob K. did a very good job with our loan.  He kept us informed of everything either by email or phone.  As a matter of fact the person doing our closing last night couldn't believe the rate we got for our loan.  Thanks again!

—Larry, Perrryville, Missouri

I would like to thank Royal United and especially my loan specialist Luke W. on a superb job with my re-fi. I was having a horrible time with one of the Banks. Having a great credit rating , they frustrated me beyond belief. I took a chance on Royal United and made my experience a dream come true. I cut 10 years from my mortgage and kept the payment exactly the same. I AM VERY SATISFIED !!!  Thanks again.

—Jack, Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania

My experience through this process was great!  Deanna put me at ease and made me comfortable when I wasn't too sure about where we were heading.  Other lending institutions are being very picky towards loan applicants even those with a good credit rating and a history of paying their bills on time. Thank you for the experience!

—Jerry, Missouri City, Texas

Seeing the low interest rates advertised on TV and the web, and tired of paying such high rates on the 80/20 mortgages that I currently had I decided it was time to refinance but had no idea where to begin.  After filling out an online inquiry form, Patrick B. from Royal United Mortgage contacted me almost immediately.  First impressions mean everything and from the very beginning Patrick B. was polite, explained the process to me in terms that I could understand and when he told me that he would do everything possible to make the refinance happen, I knew that he really meant it and was sincere.  Patrick B. kept me constantly updated throughout the whole process and always returned my calls and emails in a very prompt manner.  What could have been a very stressful process turned out to be a fast, pleasant experience.  I would highly recommend Royal United Mortgage and especially Patrick B.

—David, Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

I would like to thank Ashley G. and Royal United Mortgage for making the refinance process a quick and relatively painless process. Ashley communicated almost daily as the paperwork wended its way through the process. The whole "ordeal" lasted only three weeks, and the hardest part was signing all the documents at closing. I couldn't be more pleased at the interest rate and speed that were experienced. Thank you Royal United!  

—Martin, San Angelo, Texas

Jeremy was great to work with.  He explained the refinancing process to us and answered all our questions.  He kept us informed at every step of the process. He was honest and sincere in trying to help us and make the process as easy as possible.  I would recommend Jeremy and Royal United to anyone.

—DEnnis, Georgetown, Texas

Ashley was very helpful and pleasant to work with. She explained the entire process and guided us through to the finish. We would recommend Royal United Mortgage to everyone for their mortgage needs. Ashley made the entire refinance so quick and easy. She was a pleasure to talk to and we had the closing in our home. Thanks again to Ashley and the staff of Royal United Mortgage for all your help.

—Jim & Terry, Reva, Virginia

Royal United Mortgage Co. will always be recommended by my family! But the most important factor was that I dealt with the nicest individual (Mr. Tim G.). After applying Tim kept us informed, advising us, in every detail to ensure we obtained our mortgage. We cannot convey all the thankfulness and respect we have for Tim in this message. God bless you!  Please keep in touch as we treasure talking to you always.

—Adolph & Minerva, San Antonio, Texas

My experience with Chris D. in refinancing was painless.  He made every step clear and helped me in any way he could.  Chris was true to his word, always called when he said he would and his follow-up every step of the way was just as he promised.  It was a pleasure doing business with him.

—Matilda, Fort Myers, Florida

I am reposting this to eliminate any confusion as to who Patrick B. is.  I bought my first home at age 22. I am now age 65 with new Purchase and Refi's the last 43 yrs.   I can honestly say working with Patrick B. @ Royal United Mortgage has truly been a PLEASURE. His knowledge, skill, above board honesty, keeping me informed with a step-by-step progress report explaining everything in detail was Excellent & I would recommend Patrick B. to my family, friends anytime...Patrick Brown can answer all your questions with ease and erase any confusion you might have in a refi and I am sure other areas as well. Simply an Outstanding AAA+ rating far as I am concerned the best experience I’ve had and I might add this is the first time I did not use a Lawyer to consult with during the entire process. I was totally at ease with Patrick B.

—Dale, Cadiz, Kentucky

Great everything went exactly as Curt said it would. I was rejected by others and wasn't going to try again but Curt said he could do this for me and he did. Thank you very much Curt and everyone behind you at Royal United Mortgage.

—David, Arcadia, Florida

I am so grateful to Jamie at Royal United Mortgage for working through my refinance.  No matter how many curve balls came our way, Jamie stayed in contact with me, worked around my schedule and fought to get me what I needed.  Closing was convenient, and I could not have asked for a nicer, more efficient loan advisor. Thanks,

—Erin, Spring, Texas

This was our first experience with refinancing. We knew nothing. Tim G. was very patient with us in explaining everything. He worked with us to get us on our way to saving a whole lot of money in the long run.

—Michael & Rolene, San Antonio, Texas

It was the best experience I ever had. Answered all my questions even after I closed. They cut my interest rate in half. They have paid off my first mortgage already received all my checks for my other payoffs overnight. I will tell everyone about them, well the ones I haven`t already told. Thank you.

—Betty, , Tennessee

Working with Patrick was a wonderful experience.  I have refinanced a few times over the years and this time was by far the best, and most informative, experience.  Patrick was very knowledgeable and explained everything to me in a way that I could understand.  Which, in turn, helped me make decisions that benefited me.  I would refer anybody interested in financing or refinancing to Patrick. I feel like I made a new friend.

—Becky, Stonington, Illinois

Anytime you consider refinancing. . .it can be a daunting experience unless you choose the knowledgeable, professional people at Royal United.  Everything was explained in simplified terms, Jon K. made sure the process was quick, understandable and he answered every question we had. It was great to work with a helpful professional group...very refreshing to find these days.    I would recommend Royal United to anyone at anytime. Thanks Jon!!!!!!

—Byron, Warrensburg, Missouri

Jamie B. made what is a nerve-wracking experience exciting and most advantageous.  She made it seem very personal and made suggestions for much greater rewards than I could think of.  I highly recommend Jamie and her group for a pleasurable and worthwhile experience.  Thanks, Jamie.

—Dianne and Jim, Huntsville, Texas

I could not believe how quick the process was to refinance with Royal United. My agent Richard S. was very professional and friendly. He presented me with several options that were available to me. I had to provide the initial paperwork which was minimal and Royal United did most of the footwork. The best part of all I was able to settle within 2 weeks. I have to admit that I am not a fan of writing reviews but the process was so pleasant that I had to share my experience. I would highly recommend using Royal United.

—Carol, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania

I had no luck getting banks to refinance me. Justin B. at Royal United got the job done! He was personable, professional, and expedient.  He handled the details of my paperwork and quickly cleared up errors on my credit. Thank you Justin. It was a rewarding and painless experience. Great job!

—Linda, Dallas, Texas

When you are self employed it’s a little tougher to get a loan or a refi. Royal United Mortgage made the process so easy. We had some late payment issues due to lack of work a few years ago but Ben D. was able to work things out. He asked questions and we answered them honestly. He needed a few extra papers but I thought he was very reasonable. He closed our loan in the timeframe that he told me in our first call and even saved me a little more money than we had talked about. Very professional and not pushy at all. Royal United Mortgage is a first class organization and a pleasure to do business with. I don’t mind people like this making a few bucks off of me. Thanks again Ben.

—Dwight and Brenda, Greenfield, Indiana

Andrew O. took care of my loan just like it was his own. But most of all he earned my trust that means a lot to be able to trust a person. Thanks for all your help. May god bless you and your family.

—Steven, Tyler, Texas

I have nothing but great things to say about our experience with Chris S. and Royal United! We had tried to work with another lender, but our situation was somewhat complicated and we kept running into problem after problem. Once we started working with Chris, everything went smoothly. He was very knowledgeable, answered our many questions accurately, and kept in touch with us constantly during the whole process. Our loan was completed quickly and with no hassles or problems. I would recommend Chris and Royal United to anyone!

—Melissa, Mountain View, California

Dealing with Royal United Mortgage and Luke W. was an extremely positive experience.  We weren't sure what mortgage company to use for refinancing our mortgage, so we went online to begin the process.  Luke was the first person who contacted us, and we were pleased from the very beginning in the way he addressed our questions and explained the steps necessary to complete our refinancing process.  Luke was very knowledgeable and he explained everything to us.  He made sure we understood what documents he needed and the timeframe of the whole process.  He always asked if we had any questions, and he made sure we knew how to contact him if anything came up we didn't understand. It was good to deal with someone who was so customer focused and made us feel so comfortable.  Luke W. is a great asset to your company.  Luke, thanks for making our mortgage refinancing such a pleasure!  You made it so easy!

—Don and Debbie, Indianapolis, Indiana

Ben D. went above and beyond to help us get re-financed.  Every question we had was answered promptly and we know he had to go through a lot of extra effort for us.  Knowing that I work night shift, he scheduled times that he would call me and he was always right on time. Thank you, Ben D.!

—Donnie, Albion, Indiana

I have been playing with the idea of refinancing for several months now, but didn't want to go through the paperwork hassle.  Then I met Matt M. from Royal United Mortgage. He walked me through the process with ease. We came up with a few snags along the way, but he worked them out very quickly. I am very happy to have gone through the process, and I can sleep much better at night because of it!!!! If you are giving the process any consideration, please don't hesitate to call Matt. He will take care of everything and make the process very simple! Thanks Matt for the hard work!!

—Jackie, Blackstone, Virginia

From the first contact to the last call a very easy and professional experience. Ben D. knew all the answers. He actually was able to lower the amount that was first talked about. His no pressure approach was very refreshing in today’s world. I would and will recommend him and Royal United to everyone I know. Thanks Ben for a quick and easy refinance.

—Dwight, Greenfield, Indiana

I was so scared to apply for a home equity loan especially since it was already paid for and only 7 years old.  I am so grateful that Patrick B. from Royal United Mortgage made it simple.  After the bad experience I had with another company I was very nervous about even trying again.  He was just so comfortable to deal with.  He didn’t make you feel like an idiot.  He was honest, sincere and just plain awesome.  I would greatly recommend Royal United Mortgage to anyone that ask.

—Isabel, Splendora, Texas

I found Royal United Mortgage through Lendingtree.com.  I checked it out and talked to Jordan J. and listened to him and asked a few questions and felt comfortable in doing business with him and Royal United Mortgage.  I am very satisfied with my business transaction with Jordan J.  He did me right and kept me informed step-by- step through the process.  I would highly recommend Jordan J. and Royal United Mortgage.

—George, Weatherford, Texas

Josh A. kept us up to date with everything that was going on with our refinance options and finally got us through the process and is still willing to answer any questions we may have. He has been very helpful through it all. Thanks Josh.

—Wesley and Greta, Upton, Kentucky

I can honestly say working with Patrick B. has truly been a pleasure. His knowledge, skill, above board honesty, keeping me informed with a step-by-step progress report was Excellent & I would recommend Patrick B. to my family and friends anytime...Patrick can answer all your questions with ease and erase any confusion one might have in a refi and I am sure other areas as well--simply an AAA+ rating far as I am concerned.

—R. Dale, Cadiz, Kentucky

Justin was great to work with. He asked for a few documents and he handled the rest of my refi. I would recommend Royal United Mortgage to anyone looking to refinance your home. Justin made the process very easy, we even did the closing at my home which was very helpful. Thanks again to Justin and the entire staff at Royal for all their help.

—Jerome, Odenville, Alabama

I am grateful to Kristy S and Royal United Mortgage.  I am very slow on the internet and Kristy was there to help me each step of the way. Kristy made the process easy and enjoyable. I was treated with respect and kept informed each step of the way, thanks Kristy.

—Doy Ree, Krum, Texas

I wish to thank Jeremy C. of Royal United Mortgage. I received one of those e-mails that said refinance at a lower interest rate. I entered all the information and hit send. Within the hour Jeremy called me. Other companies just sent me an e-mail. Jeremy asked me why I wanted to refinance and what I wanted to get from it. I told him I wanted to lower the interest rate which would lower my payment. Immediately Jeremy started working with me, telling me what documents I needed. All the paper work he needed I was able to E-mail him. Jeremy worked up different proposals for me to consider 20 yr. fixed, 15 yr. fixed. In the end I chose a 15 yr.. fixed that refinanced the home, paid off a second mortgage for the new windows we had put in the home and a car loan. With the 15 yr. fixed the house payment did go up, but we had 20 yrs. left of our loan at 7% and now it’s only 15 yrs. at 4.5% saving us a almost $30,000, and putting $300 a month in our pocket. The closing was done here in town in person at a closing agent’s office. The whole process went smoothly and took less than 30 days. My wife and I are extremely happy. Jeremy C. has a friendly voice and a professional demeanor on the phone.  It is like sitting down at the coffee table with a close friend and having a chat.  Jeremy C. is a professional that I will recommend.

—Robert, San Antonio, Texas

Ron J. did a great job with a refinance for us. Whole process took less than a month and was painless. I highly recommend Ron J. and Royal United Mortgage.

—Oren, Humboldt, Illinois

We just finished our loan with the help of Jenni C and Terri G.  We were very lucky to have these ladies working with us.  On Thursday, Dec 16, before the closing my husband was rushed to the hospital and was there until Jan 10.  These wonderful people were patient and supportive to me during this crisis.  We will always use them from now on.

—Joyce, Pasadena, Texas

Just refinanced my home with Royal United Mortgage. My financial consultant was Patrick B. did an absolute AWESOME job!! From the day I first spoke to Patrick to the day I closed took less than 4 weeks!!! Patrick made the whole process EASY! He was professional, efficient and explained everything in simplified terms.  I was so impressed with the process, Patrick is now helping me with my refinance of two investment properties. I highly recommend Royal United Mortgage and Patrick B.!!  

—Steve, Lexington, Kentucky

Very fast process in getting refinanced, Channa N. walked us thru this process of refinancing. She is very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Channa N. and Royal Mortgage to anyone needing great rates and service.

—Robert, Gas City, Indiana

Jeremy did a good job on helping me refinance my Home. Reduced my interest rate greatly. He was courteous, answered my questions and calls in a timely manner. I would recommend Royal United Mortgage to any one. Thanks

—Timothy, Deport, Texas

Josh A. was very knowledgeable and helpful in my refi application. The process was quick and required minimal amount of our time.

—Paul, Brandenburg, Kentucky

We just completed our refinance with Royal United Mortgage.  Patrick C. there worked with us to investigate several options when the first option did not work out to our best advantage.  Once we had a deal we could work with, Patrick and Royal United got us through the process in very little time.

—Mark and Kim, Cedar Park, Texas

Curt R. was very easy to work with, very patient and very informative. He knows his stuff and was able to accurately tell me whether I would get the loan or not before I even had all the paperwork to him.

—Kathy, Bulverde, Texas

Recently I was exploring refinancing my house and was contacted by Melissa B. of Royal United Mortgage. She was extremely helpful and informative and at no time did she use "hard sell" tactics on me.  I would recommend her highly if you decide to use the internet to explore refinancing your house.

—Frank, Chico, California

Not knowing a lot about refinancing, I've got to say that working with Jeremy C. at Royal United made it one of the easiest things I've ever done.  Jeremy was ALWAYS available and willing to do whatever he could to be sure that I understood everything, right down to the last detail.  When I called him with questions on the day I was to close, he couldn't have treated me any nicer and he addressed all of my questions and was very reassuring.  He even called me later that evening to make sure that everything at the closing went well.  I can't say enough about Jeremy and Royal United Mortgage.  Thanks Jeremy!

—Terry, San Antonio, Texas

I am grateful for Royal United Mortgage. Robert C. worked very hard to get my loan completed. My loan was done in a timely manner. I was treated with respect and consideration and was kept informed on every step of the loan process. Robert and Royal United made me feel important and that I really mattered. I now have an opportunity to get my finances in order and move ahead. Before I contacted Royal United I was treated less than human by another company. They took advantage of me by making me believe that I would receive help in getting my loan approved. They did nothing to help. Thanks to Royal United and Robert C. I can sleep nights and afford to eat a little better. I will forever be grateful to everyone at Royal United.

—Linda, Troy, Alabama

I was looking to add my taxes and insurance into my mortgage payment. Patrick C. answered all my questions and helped me to make some decisions that would benefit me in the future. He was very pleasant, informative and went out of his way to make this process smooth and easy.  He stayed in contact through the whole thing.  I would definitely recommend Patrick and Royal United Mortgage to anybody wanting to refinance. Patrick is a wonderful first impression for Royal United.

—Becky, Stonington, Illinois

I am very pleased with the friendly, patient and professional manner that I was treated with by Etienne L. It was a pleasant experience getting all the necessary information together to acquire a Home Equity Loan through United Royal Mortgage. I would recommend Etienne and Royal United Mortgage to my friends and family. Job well done. Thank you.

—George, Brandon, Florida

WOW is how I would sum up our experience with Royal United Mortgage! No email, no questions, no calls have ever gone unanswered and for me to be able to laugh with my lender over the phone is pretty impressive. Justin R. was our contact there and he is so sincere, caring, intelligent and positive. When we were searching for a lender, we were very nervous and unclear, and when I hung up with Justin, I felt totally different and more at ease. I have never met him, but he made us feel like we were great friends and I really feel like he had our best interest at heart. I will recommend him and Royal United Mortgage every chance I get. The whole experience was quick, right at 3 weeks - Justin is awesome and made everything so smooth and clear for us. We have truly been blessed by his guidance and advice. They truly care about their customers and it is a joy to know that there are companies still around that offer EXCELLENT customer service from their representatives all the way to their CEO’s. This is by far the best service I have ever experienced with any company ever.

—Pam, Ft. Worth, Texas

Can't believe the whole process was only 3 weeks! Couldn't have come at a better time! Jeff F. helped me a lot on all the information and concerns! A lot of my stress is relieved! I would definitely recommend the help that was given to me by this company!

—David, Freeport, Illinois

United Mortgage. Jamie B. was knowledgeable, efficient and easy to work with.  She was very personable and professional at the same time.  I would definitely recommend Royal and especially Jamie to anyone who is looking for great rates and great service.  Thanks Jamie for all of your help!

—Sheila, Beaumont, Texas

Loan was processed rapidly and very efficiently. A very smooth transaction. Everything was completed in a week.

—RIchard, Rocky Face, Georgia

I just finished a home refinance with Luke W. and he was very professional, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Luke W. and Royal United Mortgage to anyone! I will be calling them both back when I buy my next house.

—Michael, Marshall, Texas

January 1st I made the first payment on my new mortgage loan.  I still cannot believe how easy it was to apply for a loan to refinance my mortgage loan.  My loan advisor contacted me and within 3 days the loan action began.  I was given full details and information about my application and had full support through all steps.  I was able to ask questions at anytime and always received prompt answers. Having a direct contact made the transaction smooth and gave me confidence knowing I had a professional and caring manager to help me with my financial needs.  Looking back it is still hard to believe the total transaction took about 40 days!  I appreciate the professional and personal service I received and have and will continue to recommend my loan advisor Mr. Brett H. with United Royal to anyone!

—Marjorie, Statesboro, Georgia

We just finished refinancing our home through Royal United Mortgage. We commend Luke W. for all of his efforts on our behalf. He not only got us a lower interest than we were paying, he offered several refinance options that would benefit us and our whole financial picture. We give Royal United Mortgage (and Luke W.) the highest recommendation we can possibly give.

—Robert, El Paso, Texas

I had gone on LowerMyBills.com, a search engine for mortgage companies. After having to put into their system quite a bit of information, I hit submit and I was presented with 5 companies including Royal United Mortgage. BEFORE I could even clear my screen my phone rang and it was one of the companies on the list. However is was quickly obvious that the person I was talking to was someone who had been given a quick overview of mortgages and was working on rewards by how many she could get in a day.  I mention this because when I hung up my phone rang right away and it was Brett H.  Since I just had a call that was a waste of my time, I have to admit I was not in the best of moods. So you need to give yourself a pat on the back for getting pass my not so good mood and successfully engaging me in conversation and getting out of me a great deal of information.  You have a special talent which is quite rare. I can only hope that you are properly compensated and as equally important recognized by your company. I was in the private consulting business for many years and I could have really used your customer interface skills.  HAPPY NEW YEAR

—RIchard, Andersonville, Georgia

I recently decided to refinance my mortgage from a 30 year fixed to a 15 year fixed.  I worked with Paul O. and he was able to reduce my interest rate by almost half.  Also by converting from an FHA to a Conventional loan I was able to stop paying the dreaded PMI!  The changes will save me a significant amount and allow me to own my home free and clear before I retire.  Paul worked diligently with me through the entire process and I could not be more pleased.  

—Dave, Birmingham, Alabama

We were working with Robin S. at Royal United.  Having retired from the business world, I can, without reservation, state she is at the top of my list for business professionalism.  Her communication skills are superb.  She gave certain creative ideas which fit our financial situation perfectly for OUR situation.  My spouse is disabled so she gave me the support I needed and kept our children in the loop as well.  She would be my FIRST choice to be on my team.  Very quick, efficient and smart.  I sort of have a friend forever, as my life is now set out for me in the best economical way possible in these 'recession' times.  My daughter, a professor, reviewed everything and is totally pleased with all that was done and in such a short time.

—Lynda, Joplin, Missouri

We recently finished a refinance with Justin M. He walked us through every step of the way. Justin was professional and sure he could help us. Justin was knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. Justin you and Royal United are the best.

—John & Gail, Goodwater, Alabama

I have to say that from start to finish Ben D. made the whole process incredibly easy. His first call to me was on a Sunday morning, he didn't pressure us, he let us take our time to decide what we were doing, he went over all our options and was always there to answer questions. We are very happy and our bills have been consolidated, our home remodeling is in the works and I can't say enough about what a great experience we had. THANK YOU,  

—Maria, West MIami, Florida

What a refreshing experience to deal with someone so on top of things!  Kristy S was a true pleasure to work with.  She made the process easy to understand and get through.  In today's world getting a mortgage can be quite daunting, but Kristy walked me through every step of the way.  I can't say enough about how professional and thorough she has been.  I would recommend Kristy and Royal United Mortgage to anyone!  A+ would be my grade!

—Leslie, Hudson, New Hampshire

We have recently finished a home refinance with Patrick B. and I cannot sing his praises enough.  We had some "detours" pop up along the way but Patrick handled all the situations professionally and quickly.  He was very personable on the phone and his personality made this process not only painless but even pleasant!  Thank you Patrick!

—DIana, Taylor, Texas

I was very pleased with this whole experience. These folks went above and beyond to help straighten out a mistake on my credit report. Virtually daily contact by e-mail or phone call kept me in the loop as to what was going on. I would definitely recommend this company. Special thanks to Ron and Mary.

—June, Austin, Texas

Working with Rob K. was a very pleasurable experience. After being denied by another company (the orange ball), I was very hesitant to start the process up again. Being a business owner Rob understood my needs and put everything out up front, not once did he ever waiver on any issue. He was straight forward to the end of the process, which by the way closed approx. 2-3 weeks after we started. Kudos to Royal United and their staff, by the looks of all these reviews they are all on the same page, Thanks again, I will definitely share my experience with others!

—Scott, Yakima, Washington

When I applied online for refinancing my mortgage, I went with the first person that called, Paul O., with Royal United Mortgage. He was very professional and so sure he could help. He really impressed me, and I felt he really was working for me. I truly enjoyed working with Paul, he did a fantastic job and made the process of refinancing painless. Thank you again Paul for all your help.

—Mary and Dave, Pell City, Alabama

Thank you Ashley G. and Royal United Mortgage for making this experience a pleasant one, I really feel you were looking out for my best interest. I would recommend you and your company to anyone in need. You are definitely a Class A organization.

—Cody, Midland, Texas

Joann B. was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout this process, it was a long haul, but Joann was also very professional and my angel. Thanks

—Barbara, Copperas Cove, Texas

When I started inquiring about refinancing my high rate mortgage, this company was the only one that made me feel at ease and the process went smoothly.  I would like to thank Monika F. at  Royal United Mortgage for all the  help. Monika was always ready to help with all the questions I may have had. Our loan was kept on track and on time. It has been great to know such good people. Once again thank you.

—Charles, Blue Springs, Missouri

After my Mother passed away last year, my sister offered to let me buy her half of the family home. I grabbed the first loan I could and ended up paying a 13.75% interest rate. Now after things have settled down I started checking into having the house refinanced and lowering that interest rate. That’s where my association with Patrick B. started… I could not have asked for a more informed, friendly and helpful person. He was always available when I had a question, but in all honesty there were very few questions because he covered everything with me to begin with. He walked me through the process and kept me informed every step of the way. Thank you so much Patrick for making this process easy and stress free, you told me that I didn’t need to worry about anything, that you would do that for me, and you kept your promise.  The best way I can describe how pleased I am with the service I have received, is that I have referred my son who is purchasing his first home to Patrick B.  I am completely confident that he is in the best of hands.

—Johnnie, Mobile, Alabama

Patrick B. was the most helpful, patient person in regards to me being a new home buyer in this scary housing market . Patrick B. knows how to take the stress out of purchasing a house. Patrick was reliable and I never had doubt in his ability to make things possible for me to get a house if at all possible. There’s no way I could repay Patrick B. for his job performance, I just hope his Management is taking care of what he’s worth because from the work I’ve seen he is a necessity to the company. I want to thank Patrick B. and Royal United for their work and doing what it takes to help me on my first home. When I hear of someone needing assistance in their home buying Patrick B. with Royal United will be my first choice.  Again thank you all and live life to its fullest.   Best Regards!!!!!   

—Jeret, Mobile, Alabama

I want to thank Jon K., he was nice, polite, thoughtful, kept me informed and answered all my questions for me, he made everything easy. Jon knows exactly what he’s doing and with people like Jon, you have to like Royal Mortgage. I will recommend Jon to everybody I know.

—Delores, Drakesboro, Kentucky

I want to thank Chris S/ for helping me with my refinance. He was very professional and thorough. Chris explained the whole process and talked to me as a person and not just as another contract. I would highly recommend Chris to all my friends and family. A shout out to Chris “GREAT JOB!!".

—Arnold, Dyer, Indiana

I was very hesitant to even start the refinancing process because I thought it was going to be a very long, drawn out process. Much to my surprise it was a very pleasant experience thanks to Chris S. He stayed on top of everything and kept me updated at every step. He answered all my questions promptly and I was amazed at his vast knowledge and patience. He pretty much had everything done and closed in three short weeks! Much thanks and gratitude to him! I will recommend him and Royal United to my family and friends!

—Catherine, Brunswick, Ohio

When I began the process of refinancing, I was uncertain of what to do and with whom. Dawn S. at Royal United made the decision easy. The "other guys" didn't seem too concerned with helping, but Dawn and RUM did.  She worked hard on my behalf and made me feel like I was working with a friend. I highly recommend Dawn and Royal United! Thanks for everything Dawn.

—Tim, Beaumont, Texas

This has been the easiest and fastest experience in getting a home loan. Andrew O. in Indy was the most informative, helpful and professional that I have been privileged to work with. The whole experience was a lot different than dealing with local banks and having to wait for loan officers and lawyers. I would and will recommend Royal United Mortgage to anyone that needs to refinance their home. Thanks for all the help!

—George, West Salem, Illinois

We have just finished a home refinance, Dawn S. was our rep. Things could not have gone better. Dawn showed a high level of knowledge was kind, caring, and helpful. She kept us up to date on everything that was happening and everything went as she advised. We were very grateful for her service. Thanks so much.  The Coffeys.

—James & Marjorie, Barbourville, Kentucky

Dealt with Chris A, he done a hell of a good job for me.  Only took 14 days and we closed. Will pass this info along to others looking to refinance. A pleasure doing business with Chris.........

—Steven, Jeffersonville, Indiana

My loan was more difficult than others. We have a lot of extenuating circumstances that made this process a lot longer than it should have been. However, the company was great. Chris was always there to answer my questions and kept in contact.

—Becka, Wilson, Pennsylvania

Having refinanced my home several times over the years, never have I received the service and professionalism I received with Mark B. Mark went over many different scenarios designed to help me with my particular needs.  The countless phone calls and numerous emails probably would have annoyed most Loan Advisors.  Mark never made me feel as though I was asking a stupid question and his personality and humor was refreshing and he didn't come off like a stuffed shirt.  I cannot even begin to think of all the days and hours he put into making my refinance happen and smoothly at that.   I would highly recommend Mark to anyone as he certainly knows his business and is a pleasure to work with. I am so confident in his character, I would have no problem with anyone contacting me regarding my experience with Royal United and Mark B.  I am happy to say that I feel Mark is not only my Loan Advisor but a friend.   Thanks Mark!  You are the best!   :)

—Helen, Manassas, Virginia

Well, first of all Chris A. is an ACE! Follow-up is impeccable, reachable after hours, willing to hold your hand through the process, and take the time (and patience :)) for the "what's" going on and "what" must be done. It truly was a seamless process and we can't say thanks enough. After speaking to our very well experienced realtor, they plan to refer plenty more customers to Royal United Mortgage. Kudos!

—Richard, Bloomington, Indiana

Royal United Mortgage is the real deal. Jeremy, located in the Indy area is a terrific representative of this company. I didn't have to leave my home for one thing. Everything was thoroughly explained along the way and even when there were a few surprises. Communication was key and Royal United Mortgage scores a 10 out of 10!! Jeremy was very informative with his pleasant personality.  My experience with Royal United Mortgage will definitely get my recommendations to family and friends.

—Jeff, Granger, Indiana

I was extremely pleased with my loan advisor-Collin H.- knowledge, guidance and patience to bear with me through the whole process of refinancing, he certainly made everything easy and understandable.

—Rogelio, Denton, Texas

Patrick B. with Royal United Mortgages was a pleasure to work with.  He was patient and knowledgeable about the whole procedure.  He only sent me the best of people, from appraisal to notary and closing.  With my hectic schedule, he took the time to be flexible to my demanding work schedule. Our family was in good hands. I hope everyone who uses Royal United Mortgage has the same  professional experience.

—Mr. J, Fort Worth, Texas

I want to give a huge "Thank you!" to Paul O.! He made what I thought was going to be a nightmare, a fast and easy experience.  From the very start, he was knowledgeable, friendly, answered all my questions and walked me through everything I needed to know. He worked with us very professionally and came up with options that worked with our budget and needs.  We closed last night on our loan and were even able to do it in the comfort of our own home. From start to finish everything was a lot easier and faster than I thought it was going to be! It was very nice doing business with someone that treated me like a person and not a number!  I highly recommend Royal United! Thanks again for everything Paul!!  Best of luck to you and God Bless :-)

—Robin, Holly Pond, Alabama

Richard S. provided very thorough and professional-grade leadership throughout our dealings with Royal United Mortgage.  His precision and attention to detail created a very positive and satisfying feeling all the way.  This sort of dealing occurs so rarely during life--thus the client has little awareness or initial understanding of what is involved and why all the details are necessary.  But the way Royal United has it all organized, added to the skills and knowledge of Mr. S., make us "very happy campers!"

—Ted and Maargaret, Deerfield, Illinois

I am grateful to Arby who did a Great Job with my Refinancing. He was very helpful and kept things very Simple for me. Thanks a Bunch!

—Howie, Tarrs, Pennsylvania

I was so pleased with the knowledge, patience, and professionalism that I received from Dawn S. and from Royal United Mortgage.  She made the whole transaction so easy and stress-free that I will recommend your company to anyone who wants to refinance.  Again, my thanks to Dawn for helping me make the right decision.

—Gloria, Paducah, Kentucky

My representative was very helpful, from the beginning to end. Chris kept me very informed and answered all my questions without hesitation. It did seem to take longer for all the processing to take place especially the appraisal being done right. All in all it was fairly simple task. I would not be afraid to refer Chris and Royal United to someone else.

—Charles, Village Mills, Texas

Austin was very professional in dealing with my loan which was much appreciated.  I would recommend him highly.

—Sherry, Pampa, Texas

Thanks to Robert H., our experience with Royal United Mortgage couldn't have been better! He worked with us in every way possible and walked us through the process with the most care! Robert was always available either through email or phone if we had any questions at all. And if the time came that he didn't know the answer to our questions, he would get back with us promptly with the answer! We will definitely be coming back if we ever need anything else! And we will recommend Robert to ANYONE we know!

—David and Jessica, Parsons, Tennessee

For me, going online and deciding to trust that I wasn't going to get scammed, was hard. Jack S. with Royal United Mortgage was very patient with me and answered all my questions. He was great! Once we decided to go forward, everything went smoothly and proceeded as he said it would. Even at closing, Lu Ann B. was very nice and helpful. My husband and I would recommend Royal United Mortgage to our family and friends.

—Donna, Ennis, Texas

Many thanks to Pat B. for excellent service, patience and knowledge. He answered the questions I asked and put me at ease with the decision I eventually made - thanks again.

—Gil, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I had the best experience and help getting this refinance that it was simple. Patrick B not only helped me but I felt like I had a true friend in my corner helping me. I got a great loan and a friend out of this .  I will recommend  Royal United and Patrick to my friends.

—Janna, Salvisa, Kentucky

Jack S. called me within 2 minutes after I submitted my information.  This was on a Sunday Afternoon.  He presented 3 scenarios to help me understand the differences between a 10, 15 and 20-year mortgage.  Would gladly recommend Jack to other potential clients.

—Lee, Houston, Texas

I chose Royal United Mortgage out of 6 other companies because Matt M. was the MOST helpful within the 1st 5 minutes of our conversation.  Tell him what you are trying to accomplish & he will make it happen.  Don't understand something, ask Matt! Want to save money... talk to Matt!  Got a crazy schedule... Matt will work around it!! Can't say enough good things about him!! Thanks so much Matt!!

—Tauquilla, Tyler, Texas

Our experience with Royal United Mortgage for our refinance was very easy and stress free. Chris D was the most helpful lender we ever worked with. He was very knowledgeable, professional and always on top of everything. My husband and I would recommend Royal United Mortgage and especially Chris D to everyone we know who is looking to refinance.

—Nancy, Tremont, Pennsylvania

I would like to say that Ryan G. with Royal United Mortgage was the best Loan Advisor we have ever had.  He was kind, prompt, efficient and professional.  We could not have asked for a more knowledgeable person to handle our mortgage loan.  I would gladly recommend him to anyone desiring to refinance their home.

—L., Ocilla, Georgia

I have just closed on my new mortgage loan in 40 days! My new loan met all my goals: lower interest rate, lower payments, closed within 45 days and with professional service.  I got all this plus financial guidance, support with an almost daily contact from my loan officer Brett H. at Royal United Mortgage. The communication was awesome by phone, email and texting.  I had a sense of confidence and security with his support all through the loan processing.  I definitely recommend Brett and Royal United Mortgage to find answers and solutions to financial needs.  Thanks to them I can continue to stay in my home and maintain a comfortable life that I have worked for many years!

—Majorie, Stateboro, Georgia

The last couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to work with Justin R. during the refinance of our home! I can truly say that his communication skills, diligent work ethic made our experience fantastic. I also need to mention that he saved me a ton of money!!!! Thank you Justin!

—Tony, Pensacola, Florida

This was my 5th lifetime re-fi but by far the easiest and most honest.  Jack S. was prompt and professional.  My property had an inactive HOA which proved to challenging for qualifying for financing due to a nonexistent "private road agreement."  Jack created a solution with minimal effort on my part.  This was my first closing with no surprises.  I would endorse anyone to use Royal United Mortgage.

—Jim, Columbus, Georgia

I thought Nicole did a great job for us. She explained everything to us so we felt comfortable in process of our reverse mortgage.

—William, Sellersburg, Indiana

I can't say enough about Patrick B. I had been thinking about refinancing my mortgage, but just didn't feel like having the hassle of paper work.  Patrick made everything so much easier and great customer service. What a smooth transaction! Would highly recommend Royal United Mortgage to others.  Thanks, Patrick!

—Deborah, RIchmond, Virginia

Patrick B. was the best at helping me with my loan needs.  Not only did he help but he also treated me like I was a valued customer from the very start. I had an excellent experience got the loan that I wanted but I also feel like I have gained a new friend in Patrick.

—Janna, Salvisa, Kentucky

This has been the easiest Re-Fi ever thanks to Luke W., he was absolutely great in getting me what I was wanting to do! Our first conversation was 10/25 and I'm closing on 11/14.

—Marilyn, Dallas, Texas

The response to my inquiry was within 10 seconds. Kristy S. from Royal United Mortgage called and her professionalism is the best. She gave us an outline and timeline for the re-finance and it was dead on. Everything he said would happen did at the time he said it would. I would strongly recommend Kristy and Royal United Mortgage to anyone and in fact have already done so.

—Susan, Clearwater, Florida

This was my second refinance through Lending Tree. I wish I had the opportunity to work with Arby B. the last time. He goes above and beyond to get you the best deal, and is always available to his customers who may have concerns or questions. He was a real pleasure to work with, and I would recommend him to anyone seeking to refinance or looking for a new mortgage. Thank you Arby!

—Rodney, Huntingburg, Indiana

Pretty smooth process.  Loan advisor was extremely courteous and easy to work with.  Overall a good experience.

—Joan & George, Orange, Texas

Paul R. was very helpful and patient.  My needs were a bit nontraditional and he walked through it like a pro. He is very knowledgeable in his field.  I will recommend Royal United to my friends and family.  Thank you Paul!!

—Joe, Mount Sterling, Illinois

Just closed. Super service from Chris S. Recommend him highly. Very patient and thorough. Very simple to go thru the usually long process. Will definitely use again.

—Kent, Conyers, Indiana

It was a very pleasant experience doing business with Andrew O. on my equity loan. He responded right away within a few minutes after I submitted my request. Doing the process through the internet is a new and learning experience for me, also. Everything went up very smoothly. I was very impressed and appreciative of the fast and very efficient service.

—Danilo, Plano, Texas

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